Shannon Rush Dance

Picture Days & Recitals  


We have a Spring Recital every year in June. Every class learns a routine to perform in the Recital. All of our dancers and instructors look forward to this every year. Each class will have a different costume that their instructor has picked out.

SAVE THESE DATES: June 8, 9, 10, & 11, 2022

Please save the dates for Recital! Add these dates to your calendars to keep open for Recital and any Dress Rehearsals for the Recital.  

The attached document has all the information needed for the "Dance the Night Away" 2022 Recital!

Please read through the whole document as there is important information included!

**Not all classes are required to attend the dress rehearsal, please check through the list to see if your class needs to be there!


Ticket sales begin on Saturday, May 7. Tickets can be ordered via email ( or in person at the Studio. Tickets are $25 each, there are more details in the newsletter about ticket sales!

Tights for Recital:

Below is a link with the list of tights required for each class. Everyone must wear tights under their costume (unless listed otherwise). Please purchase Capezio ultrasoft convertible or footed tights (details in attachments). 



Hair for Recital:

All dancers must wear their hair in a bun for the Recital. Hair should be parted over your dancer's left eye, and the bun should be in the middle of the back of the head.

Below is a video and detailed instructions on how to put your dancer's hair in a recital bun!

Attachment: How to Make a Bun for Recital

Video Link:

Well Wishes & Program Ads:

We are offering well wishes and ad space in our Recital program. This is open to any and all families that wish to place an ad or well wish for their dancer on their special day!

Placing a Program Ad and/or Well Wish in the recital program allows our families to celebrate their dancer and their amazing dance season! For business owners, it is a perfect advertising opportunity to share your business with the local community. Our program will be digital, full-color, and available using a QR code at the recital. If you would like to add a photo to your well wish, you can purchase a half-page or full-size page as well (not just for businesses)!

Please fill out the form attached and email it to me or drop it off at the Studio with your payment if you wish to purchase an ad or well wish space in the Recital program.

Attachment: Well Wishes and Ads for Recital Program

Recital T-Shirts for Sale

Purchase one of our commemorative Recital T-Shirts to show your support of the Damascus, Olney, & Wheaton Studio of Dance (Shannon Rush Dance) "Dance the Night Away" Recital 2022!

Recital T-Shirts are only $20!! Pre-Order NOW!!

T-Shirts must be ordered by May 20. Below is a photo of what the t-shirt will look like as well as a sizing chart, they come in adult and youth sizes. The color is hot pink! (see picture at bottom of this page)

Contact to purchase!


Here you will find photos and prices for Damascus Studio of Dance costumes for their Recital in June 2022.

Here you will find photos and prices for Olney Studio of Dance costumes for their Recital in June 2022.

They are in order by class day & time. Fees have been posted to your accounts for each costume.

Costume payments were due by December 1, 2021 (any payments received after December 10 will incur a $20 fee per costume)(:

** Company dancers' costumes fees are due as soon as possible, these need to be paid for in order to be received. 

(These have been copied from each costume company website and edited, so photo sizes and quality may vary depending upon what device you are using to view these photos)

**Costume selections/prices may vary depending on the stock from costume companies. If there are any changes to your class's costume, an email notification will be sent.


Additional information will be posted here, once it is available.


Information will be posted here, once it is available.